Recent Pictures Winter 2016-17

I apologize I didn’t have the time to caption all these pictures, if you have a question about any of them please get in touch or leave a comment below. Cheers, Duncan

Old video by the Solid Fuel Association

I came across this on YouTube and quite enjoyed it. I am not a big fan of open fires but still found this to be quite an interesting and well made video.

Installation of Morso 04

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Installation of Woodwarm Fireblaze 6

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Installation of Parkray Consort 4

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Installation of Morso 04

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A bit of fun building a brick pizza oven.

I have been a member of the community at Amitabha Buddhist Centre in Bishopston for many years. They have a lovely garden that is enjoyed by the community and cafe guests. I wanted to have a go at building a brick pizza oven so[…]

Recent pictures (September ’15)

Rocket Stove Cooker

I had some spare time today and have been meaning to build a new rocket stove out of some scrap steel. I have made a couple before, one was quite good the other didn’t really work. These are great for a bit of fun, cooking while camping and at bbq’s.

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Firewood in Bristol

I thought I would recommend a couple of firewood suppliers in Bristol that I have used.

The first is This is a local family run company supplying Bristol with as the name suggests well seasoned firewood, also kiln dried logs and other fire related bits and bobs. This compan[…]

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